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III John 1:2




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In-Home Training

Something for Every Goal, Something for Every Budget




Private Sessions or Workout Parties?

If you’re looking for individual instruction and/or private training, my services are offered to both individuals and pairs/couples.  This is the ultimate in personalized attention and allows me to cater the training session to each individual’s goals and desires.


If you’re looking for a more social setting and/or a more affordable way to train, I also offer Workout Parties.  In these sessions, up to four people can train at a time.  You may form your own group and train with your friends, or come alone and make new ones.  Since the cost is divided among the whole group, the cost per person is very reasonable.




Traditional Personal Training

(Singles, Pairs)


Individual programs tailored to each client’s specific goals.






(One client only)


Thirty-minute workouts to save you time and money.





Workout Parties

(Small Group Personal Training)


Personal Training for up to four people.






(Singles, Pairs, Workout Parties)


A total body toning program designed for beginners, individuals returning from an extended absence, or anyone else looking for a low-intensity, easy to follow workout routine.






(Singles, Pairs, Workout Parties)


Maximize your body’s fat burning potential with this thermogenic total body workout routine.






(Singles, Pairs, Workout Parties)


A high intensity workout focused on torching stored body fat and sculpting lean muscle through Hi Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).





3-D Training

(Singles, Pairs)


Strictly for the athlete or serious fitness enthusiast looking to take their performance to the next level.  A synergistic approach to training that will improve every aspect of your athletic performance.





PTLite (In-Home and In-Gym)

(Singles, Pairs)


Need professional guidance without the cost of repeated personal training sessions?  PTLite uses an intelligent combination of one-on-one sessions, email support, and phone consultations to provide you with professional help and expertise at a fraction of the cost.









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