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PowerSweat Training

(Singles, Pairs, Workout Parties)




If you want to look like an athlete...



You have to train like an athlete




What is PowerSweat Training?


PowerSweat training is a powerful mixture of body sculpting weight training and thermogenic fat burning designed to help you build a toned, defined, athletic body.  It is a total body weight-training program that will build both strength and endurance while hitting all of the major muscle groups and targeting all of the traditional problem areas.


Why is PowerSweat Training Different From Traditional Training?


Taking its cue from Hot Yoga, PowerSweat training takes place in a heated environment.  Working out in a heated environment will raise the body's core temperature, forcing it to produce sweat to prevent itself from overheating.  The body must increase its metabolic rate to produce the sweat it needs to remain cool.  This increased metabolic rate requires additional energy output, which in turn is fueled by tapping into stored body fat.  This entire process is known as thermogenesis.


Male or female, every single aspect of this program is specifically designed to help you sculpt sexy, shapely muscle.  From the exercise selection to the carefully prepared environment and even right down to the exacting cadence of the movements, this program will blast your appearance to the next level.


Who is PowerSweat Training For?


PowerSweat training can be tailored to any client. Males, females, beginners and seasoned veterans are all welcome, as are all age groups.  If it is our first time training together, we will determine your current fitness level and proceed appropriately.


Where Does the Training Take Place?


PowerSweat training takes place in my home studio in Apalachin, NY in a private and relaxing environment where you are my only client and receive my undivided attention.


How Long Will a PowerSweat Training Session Last?


Sessions generally take about 50 minutes to an hour.  If it is your first time working with me, a few additional minutes may be necessary for exercise demonstration and instruction.


What Do I Wear?


There is no dress code for a PowerSweat training session, so you may wear normal workout clothes or go as bare as you wish to.   Since you will be training in a heated environment, less is more, but it's your choice.  The object is to generate sweat because you're working hard, not because you're overdressed.  Swimwear is acceptable attire.


How is PowerSweat Training Offered?


PowerSweat training is offered as both a private personal training session for singles or pairs, and also as a Workout Party for up to four participants.  Class participants must reserve their spot in the class due to its limited size.  Please email me for the days and times that the class is being offered.



What Does a PowerSweat Training Session Cost?




$26 for a single client – every 10th session free

$42 for pairs / couples – every 10th session free


$11 per person for Workout Parties – every 10th session free



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Never any dress code for in-home training!









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