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Thank you for your interest in Inspirations Fitness and Nutrition Consulting.  My business is unique in that it is in-home based, meaning that I will come directly to your home, or conversely, you come directly to mine.  This business model allows me to offer my clients many advantages not found in traditional environments, including:



No time and money wasted driving to and from the gym or weight loss center, braving bad weather or fighting traffic.  I come right to you.



Avoid crowded, noisy gyms – create the environment you will enjoy the most while never leaving the privacy of your own home.


Personal attention

One-on-one personal attention where you are my only client and receive my undivided attention.


No upfront costs, membership fees, contracts, dues, or commitments

You pay for each session when I show up for that session.  Pay-as-you-go and stop when you want to.  It's that simple.


You control your own costs

Since you pay per session on a pay-as-you-go basis, you have total control of how much money you spend.  Simply choose whatever frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) fits your budget.



Your initial impression may be that you would have to pay premium prices for all of the above, but the truth is that my rates are comparable, and in many cases lower than, traditional gym and nutrition centers.  Since I have no permanent brick-and-mortar location my overhead is extremely low, allowing me to keep my rates down and still turn a profit.






My Qualifications


·         ISSA certified Certified Fitness Trainer (1995)

·         ISSA certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition (2003)

·         YMCA certified Strength & Conditioning Instructor (2009)

·         New York State certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach (2010)






My Services


·         Menu planning / fat loss coaching

·         Diabetes prevention lifestyle coaching

·         Computerized diet analysis

·         Nutrition counseling

·         Healthy Weight Clubs (group support)

·         In-Home Training / Living Room Fitness

·         In-Gym Training

·         Program Design

·         eTraining


Please explore the website for more information regarding my services.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss something in more detail, please contact me.










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Larry Bosket, Owner



I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health…


III John 1:2