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3-D Training

(Singles, Pairs)





What is 3-D Training?


3-D training is a comprehensive, synergistic program designed for off-season competitive athletes and/or serious fitness enthusiasts.  Focusing on power, speed, and endurance, it harnesses the power of holistic training to help each participant reach their individual goals.  From torching body fat to improving athletic performance, 3-D Training can take your results to the next level.


Combining strength training, interval training, endurance training and speed work in a synergistic cocktail, 3-D Training demands the maximum commitment in time and effort and is for serious participants only.  But if you want to separate yourself from the herd – if you truly want to rise above the masses – 3-D training will get you there.


In-Your-Home Sessions


These sessions take place in your home.  We can use equipment that you already have, or, if necessary I can bring everything that I need with me.  The ultimate in time-savings and convenience for you.

(Binghamton-Owego area only)


In-My-Home Sessions


These sessions take place in my home studio in Apalachin, NY (midway between Binghamton and Owego).  A tranquil, quiet, and relaxing country setting where you are my only client and receive my undivided attention.  The ultimate in unhurried, private, and personal attention that you will not find in any commercial gym.


Outdoor Personal Training

(Weather Permitting)


Escape the confines of your normal training environment and be one with nature and wildlife while working out in a private and secluded backyard wooded garden setting.  Available through the summer months when weather permits.


In-Home Session Costs

 (Effective 01/01/19 and subject to change without notice)




·         $26 / single client – every 10th session free

·         $42 / two clients – every 10th session free




Since my charge for training you in your home factors in my travel time and expense, these rates may be slightly more than those stated above and will vary depending on where you live and your hours of availability.  No matter what the circumstances, the per-session increase will not exceed $10 per person.  I will give you an exact (no obligation) quote once I talk to you and have the specifics and before any training takes place.







Never any dress code for in-home training!












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